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"I'm always inspired by your passion & strength."

"Ravynn is loving, kind, friendly, caring, inspiring, & determined."

"Ms. Ravynn: I enjoy that you make it a point to show others that they mean something to you."

"Fiery, strong, loving, kind."

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"You make me smile: you're fun, energetic, & so COOL! <3 you"

"Strong. The most loving person I know; you are so beautiful to me!"

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"The bird that flies so high that she can see from all points of view.
Calm spirit. Big Heart."

"Your depth gives love & hope to us all!"

"So full of wisdom & so young! Protector! Strong! <3"

"Goddess-like" Beautiful!"

"wise, strong, graceful, resilient, willow tree!"

"strong & confident!"

"Lion Rarrrr! Very strong mind."

"Strong, lovely person!"


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What My Clients Have To Say

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I can't tell you enough how much Ravynn helped me. I was such a mess after my divorce, complete damaged goods. But she coached me through it all, helped me heal, even used Transformational Yoga Coaching to help me get into my body to find the TRUTH. She is a God sent, and I don't know what I would've done without her!


I had a really hard time leaving my boyfriend of six years. But I knew he was abusive and I needed to get away. Before I met Ravynn, I would've told you it was never gonna happen, leaving him. But slowly but surely, Ravynn reminded me who I WAS, why I WAS IMPORTANT, and how I could leave this relationship SAFELY. This woman is AMAZING! If you're hurting, talk to Ravynn. She'll be there right by your side the whole time. THANK YOU RAVYNN!!!!


I struggled with self worth for years, had no idea how I was supposed to get it. I'd been in and out of abusive relationships for more than 10 years, and Ravynn showed me WHY I was in them; HOW to change my patterned, gutterball thinking; and WHAT I needed to do so I never ended up in one again. It's been three years and I've dated a few new women, and not one of them have been abusive! Ravynn is so incredible, and if you need some guidance, to help you start making better, safer, and smarter decisions, this lady is the way to go!!! Thank you so much, Ravynn, you're the best!


I never thought I was ever going to be the person I was before I married a sociopath. I was broken, unable to work, could barely get out of bed. Ravynn's experience with Fibromyalgia was key: I had been in and out of doctor's offices, never any closer to a solution. I thought I was going to be in pain the rest of my life. But I used the techniques Ravynn used on herself, and I cannot believe the change in how I feel. I'm almost out of the woods! Thank you Ravynn for everything. Thank you for making me feel supported and loved. I love you!!!!


All I can say is wow, Wow, WOW! Ravynn is a miracle worker: if you are in need of cleaning up your head, clearing out the pain in your heart, and strengthening your body-- this woman is the coach for you! Thank you, Ravynn, for reminding me that I was never alone, and never will be again! You have something about you that I've never experienced with any other coach. You're an angel!


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