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What Are The Four Rooms?

‘Everyone is a House with Four Rooms, a Physical, a Mental, an Emotional and a Spiritual. Most of us tend to live in one room most of the time, but unless we go into every room, every day, even if only to keep it aired, we are not complete.’   -Rumer Godden


Most of us are spending too much time ‘in our heads’, cut off from our senses and the messages from our bodies. In this room we will focus on treating our bodies with respect by exercising regularly, eating and drinking sensibly and generally taking responsibility for our health. We will look at some Homeopathic remedies for treating common acute complaints like coughs, colds, headaches which will help us maintain good health.


We often neglect this room allowing the muddle to build up until it overwhelms us. Some of us rarely venture into this room, others spend far too much time here, reacting to life’s events instead of orchestrating them and remaining in control. We will look at ways to nurture a healthy relationship with our Emotional room and again, how Homeopathic remedies can be invaluable in bringing us back into balance.


In this room we will find the beliefs, assumptions and expectations that drive our experience. Our thoughts are at the root of every emotion, action and experience. Here we will revel in setting ourselves mental challenges such as learning to be comfortable with silence, meditating, focusing on one task at a time and practicing positivity.


This room is not about religion or philosophy. Neither is it about doing – it is simply about being. It is the room where your spirit comes alive, where it feels free. So many wonderful gifts live in this room – too many, untouched. Living in this room requires us to define more closely what inspires us and what brings us joy, what lifts our hearts. We will look at what we should be doing in our Spiritual Room – here we discover what truly nourishes and nurtures us.

The Four Rooms represent the four compartments that make up the whole being: Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual. Meaning that true "cures" are not necessarily found at the bottom of a pill bottle: they're found at correcting a problem at the root of the illness, wherever that imbalance may be. Finding the root issue is one of my gifts. She has a way of looking at symptoms and paralleling them with a literal explanation of where the imbalance is taking place.

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Tinnitus is a ringing in the ears, sometimes so loud that the person can't sleep and it's a terrible distraction. So a question to her client might be,

 "What are you refusing to listen to, or are you being stubborn in an area of your life where you're not listening to what this other person is saying. Maybe even a refusal to accept it. What ear is it in or if it's in both, where is it worse?"
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