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Go read a few pages of Ravynn's new eBook!

eBook: Hacks, Facts, & Stories Liars Tell

Hacks, Facts, & Stories Liars Tell is the world's ultimate CHEATSHEET for navigating all kinds of relationships, maneuvering business strategies in your favor, or running a premarital assessment before the big day! This “Instruction Manual For Life” is for all ages, including teens who have started to date, and it's crucial for soon-to-be or college freshmen and up so that they're not running around campus without the proper tools to combat predators, manipulators, or abusers. I remember being that age: you're so impressionable, so vulnerable, and the problem is that you think you know it all at that age when the truth is, we were no match for the level of evil that is out there. People don't realize that around 5 BILLION lives have been harmed or completely destroyed by the "Zero Empathy Personalities" (narcissists, sociopaths, & psychopaths) and it’s because most people are too naïve or trusting, and by the time they catch on to the abuse, it’s way too late. They’ve either lost all their money or married an abuser or developed a mental health disorder, or the worst possible choice they can make is bringing an innocent into the world to be terrorized and abused. This cycle has to stop. #PREVENTION is the key to solving the mental health crisis which is primarily fueled by these three personalities and the abuse and psychological violence they inflict on good, kind-hearted people who do not deserve it.

Ravynn Rohner has been in the holistic health industry since 2006 and a certified Holistic Practitioner, Life Coach, and Yoga Teacher for eight years. She's also been a domestic violence victim's advocate for almost twenty years. Tragically, she knows abuse all too well, as she was raised by a narcissistic stepfather and a spiteful, controlling mother and they both attacked Ravynn's self-worth at every turn as a means for control. She believes this is the key to solving many of the global mental health issues: if an estimated 70% of us grew up without the #1 most important building block of our fundamental makeup which affects every single decision we make in life--- self-worth, of course, we're going to see the backlash of that, and again, this cycle has to stop. Having to figure all of this out on her own in the longest game of trial and error, EVER, you would think Ravynn would be bitter and angry. It couldn't be more opposite: she doesn't look at her life as a tragedy; she looks at it as 43 years of RESEARCH, and this book is what Rohner calls “covert intelligence of a lifetime” which is a compilation of secrets, life hacks, and priceless intel that she has gathered over the last four decades and she’s turned her hardest, longest, most brutal lessons into a "CliffsNotes" version of secret shortcuts that gives you the power to create the life YOU want, and by the end of this book, you or your loved one is going to have that first layer of armor, enabling you/them to see any manipulation or abuse a mile away. 

CliffsNotes version02.png

This Is What's Inside:

  • types of behaviors that should be on your zero tolerance list/what love doesn’t look like

  • red flags to look out for like yelling, how they treat their ex, love bombing

  • how to responsibly handle cheating

  • two checklists for busting liars & cheaters

  • Are You Being Abused? Quiz

  • setting Healthy Boundaries 101

  • insight on sexual abuse, what is and isn’t appropriate

  • taking a look at abuse outside the relationship, ie. workplace, families, friendships

  • and then I include some raw snippets from my life, spilling all the secrets I learned from a three-year stint with a sadistic, conniving, narcissistic, ex-gangbanging psychopath, and how I fought my way to freedom.

A Final Word From Our Author

“I cannot tell you how much suffering and excruciating pain my life could have been free from, if someone had just taken the time to tell me these things before sending me off into the world, a blind sucker who never hurt anyone in her life, and just wanted to be loved. Instead, I found the most violent and vile human beings who tried to destroy me and extinguish my Light— and they almost did— but the walk through fire, the journey of all of it, showed me the extraordinary warrior inside me, teaching me that it is I who have an infinite level of love in my heart and the fiercest devotion to protecting the people, and that, my friends, was the one thing nobody ever counted on.”


“It is far easier to build strong children than fix broken men.”


-Ravynn Rohner -

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