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Global Awareness 


01 Awareness

My number one goal right now, is to get people AWARE. Thanks to Donald Trump, the terms "narcissist" and "narcissism" have become a coffee table name. Everyone has now heard of these terms, and hopefully have a better understanding of what they mean. I go into lots of detail about narcissism in my eBook, Hacks, Facts, & Stories Liars Tellso I'm not going to go into a lot of detail here, but the main thing I'm trying to raise awareness on, is how many people have been hurt by narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths. 

It is a 100% fact that every narcissist, sociopath, and psychopath will hurt at least five people in considerable ways in their lifetime. I'm lowballing here- 5 is an unrealistic, low number because in reality, they will hurt many more than that, but for the sake of perspective and to avoid being told I'm exaggerating, we'll say five. 


So 360,000,000 Americans times 11%, = 39.6 M  
     ~ 40 million zero empathy personalities 
     x  5 people each        (198 M)
    ~ 200 MILLION people hurt

And we wonder why we have rampant depression and anxiety disorders, failed marriages, and suicide in this country. If you've been on the receiving end of one of these people, then you know what I'm talking about.  The pain can cut pretty deep.  And if you DON'T know what I'm talking about, you're blessed, and I'm going to work very hard to keep it that way! This whole book is about armoring you with as many tools as I can think of, so you know what and who you're dealing with before they do. 


Ok, let's keep going and take it one step further. I've tried to research narcissism rates in other countries and continents, but there is very little information out there. (I wonder why? I mean, has anyone else figured out that this world is run by psychopaths, sociopaths, and narcissists, and maybe that's why this information has been kept so hush-hush for so long? I don't know, just a thought!)

So if we take 11% of the planet's population, to represent the n/s/p:

7,000,000,000  or        7 B

x                11% 
= 770,000,000  or   770 M

I mean, are you guys hearing this? It's TERRIFYING, and as of right now, all I know of, are two 17 year old who know the rules of what's in this book. (I've got a lot of marketing to do!) So you know what is coming next:

So if

770 million n/s/p hurt
x  5 people each  

people are suffering from n/s/p abuse

That's HALF THE PLANET, you guys!

You wanna know the question I keep asking? How do we get people to listen the FIRST TIME? We all know the saying, that you just can't tell people something, they have to go experience it themselves. But if life devastation is at the end of the tunnel waiting for them, how can we be so lackadaisical about it, "Sure, go ahead, end up in therapy after you've lost your job, your self respect, thousands of dollars, and the kind of pain that crushes souls: just hit me up when you get back, we'll go for cocktails!" That just doesn't feel right to me. Maybe once The World Consulate grows a little bit, there will be strength in numbers. I'm trying to think back and ask myself if I had had a thousand people telling me to RUN as fast as I could away from the bad guys I dated, I wonder if I would've listened? Probably not the first time, but I do know if I had known what I know now, even if I just had read these last five pages, I could have saved myself a lot of pain. So I guess the answer is simply that we can't protect everyone from everything; they have to make their own decisions. All we can do is offer our knowledge, our stories, & our support, & never say, "I told you so," we just offer open arms & remind them that everything is going to be OK. ❤️

"Everything is going to be OK!"
01 Awareness

02 Community

The World Consulate is first and foremost, an organization that is pioneering the way to global mental health by being the first organization to address the worldwide pandemic of narcissistic and antisocial abuse. We are already executing a strategy for protecting innocent people from the psychological violence and abuse narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths inflict on their victims.

It has always been my intention to create a safe space for everyone to join, in order to network, get information, make lasting friendships, find support, and to share stories. There is so much solace in finding out that you are not alone.

Community is very important to me. My name is Ravynn Rohner, and having grown up in a household run by a narcissistic preacher and a power hungry mother who resented her first two daughters (my beautiful sister & I...see the tab above, MANIFESTO, for the whole story), I am STILL looking for my place in this world. I never fit in at home; I spent decades looking for love in all the wrong places; and the only friendships I made were with people who either wanted something I could provide, or simply weren't interested in treating me the way I deserved to be treated. I have spent years, now, learning deeper spiritual practices, such as Shamanic Journeying, and while I deeply connect with Shamanism, it, too, is a lonely road.

However, I would never use the word "lonely" to describe how I feel. I never experience a sadness over loneliness, yet establishing community for myself and for any recovering victims of abuse IS vital to my mission. There was an excruciatingly painful time in my life, right after I left my psychopath, and I returned "home" to Asheville, NC, thinking I was returning back to my friendships, who were family to me ten years before. Much to my dismay, I felt abandoned by everyone I once knew; no one made an effort to see me, let alone support me, in one of the most emotionally raw and mangled time in my life.

THAT was a loneliness and grief I had never experienced before. It was SOUL CRUSHING, to know that I had just barely gotten away from a psychotic maniac, after three years of heinous forms abuse, and the worst, was how much I had talked "back home" up to my teenage son, at the time, and then we get there: in a 26' moving truck, pulling my 8' SUV, with a teenager and two cats in the cab--- and then, nothing. My $50K restaurant manager job fell through, my backup job fell through; my perfect credit and finances were shot to hell; and then a wealthy employer promised me one thing, and then didn't deliver on the back end.


Asheville ended in a catastrophe, and I didn't have one friend to see me through it. All I had was myself, and that's how I learned to be ok alone.

But I don't want anyone to ever have to experience something as traumatic as that. People need to be spoiled, loved, supported, showered with attention and kindness, especially after leaving an abusive relationship.

And so that is how my idea of The World Consulate was born. I just took it to a global level. More on that next, in Ambassadors.

02 Community

03 Ambassadors

I have attempted to research narcissism in other countries online, only to get back very little information. As I explained earlier, under Awareness, based on the human being's evolution, and that it is fact that every country as problems and every country is battling mental illness right now, I 100% believe my math is correct in that nearly 4 Billion lives have been harmed or destroyed by the zero empathy personalities, the narcs, socio's, & psycho's.

Once TWC is up an running on Facebook, and once I am able to more aggressively market my book, my vision, & my mission, I believe finding ambassadors from other countries to help spread awareness, will be much easier, and will take a momentum of it's own. I haven't read The Tipping Point yet, by Malcolm Gladwell, but it is on my night stand, now, and I cannot wait to read it, because I know there are going to be so many points of interest that  I can apply here, with TWC movement.

I think it goes without saying, that I am going to need A LOT of help, so please, PLEASE, anyone who is passionate about the things I'm passionate about, and if you'd like to be a part of building this movement with me, I would be honored to meet you and do this crusade with you, so please use the contact form below and send me a shout out!

It's truly an exciting time to be alive!

03 Ambassadors

04 Speakers

So expertly crafted, if I do say so myself, the Ambassadors brings us to the final topic, Speakers. My goal is to create a "Dream Team" to go on a global speaking tour with me in the next (soon!) couple years. Ambassadors around the world will help facilitate our speaking venues, help network, and establish vital points of communication, which will be crucial for such a tour.

I am currently looking for speakers on any topic dear to your hearts, that has to do with psychological or sexual violence, domestic violence, narcissistic & antisocial personality disorders and their abuse on others, victim's advocacy, etc, etc.

Again, please use the form below to contact me if you are interested in being a keynote speaker or helping facilitate a global speaking tour or if you live outside of the United States and would like to be an Ambassador for the The World Consulate, then I want to speak to YOU!

This is a huge mission, but I can feel it in my gut, and in my bones, and in the deepest crux of my being, in my SOUL, that once this sparks, just a little bit, there is going to be an explosion of momentum, catapulting me and anyone else who wants to be part of HISTORY, into the future with some of the most amazing memories one can only dream of.

Namasté, Ashté Bashka

 ❤️, Ravynn

04 Speakers
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