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needs that special gift that only she

can give . . . 

the    W  O   R  L  D



Step into the world of Ravynn Rohner, as she pulls you in with her riveting tales of a dramatically cruel

and trauma-filled life, which will having you wondering how she ever made it out alive.


She is the fiercest of heroines in her own spellbindingly gothic & healing tale;

irrevocably exposing the Warrior within her who would fight for it's survival

and for the protection of the delicate embers and fragile flame that is her wild, Inner Light.


Ablaze alongside her passion for the battered and weary, is an energy that is almost palpable and definitely contagious! Her charisma and authenticity are so genuine, you'd believe she could fly if she said so!


The days of quiescence are over. 


It was late July 2017 when Ravynn finally escaped from her three year stint with a sadistic, narcissistic, ex-gangbanging, ex-con, a conniving psychopath, and while the after effects of his abuse were gruesome and excessive— nearly extinguishing her Light completely, she somehow found the strength, yet again, to emerge up, out of the ashes of disaster, a stronger, wiser, and more enlightened practitioner, now on the warpath to pioneer a new way to global mental health. For the first time ever in history, Rohner aims to make a dent in this worldwide crisis by raising awareness to the importance of redirecting our focus and resources to PREVENTION, rather than relying solely on treatment.

"Does it not make more sense,"

                                               she asks, with a far away gaze from between the veils that seems so foreign to onlookers, yet seemingly home to her. She continues: 

"To get the preventative information out there BEFORE innocent people have their lives wrecked by these modern day vampires? Because this is the system we're using right now: we send the good and the kind into the real world at 18, naïve & unsuspecting; then they get involved with one of these zero empathy personalities; they get abused, then we just cross our fingers and hope that they have the idea to go to therapy; cross 'em a little tighter that they can afford therapy; then they have to actually go to therapy, then implement what they learned in therapy; meanwhile, here's hoping they don't meet another psychopath in the midst of it all. Why haven't we been teaching these things from the very beginning, when they're teens, so to avoid the abuse and psychological violence all together? And where are the lessons on self worth and self love? I certainly didn't get that memo, and I know if I had been taught those things, my life would have turned out much different. [Pauses, smiles.] Rightly so, but if that had been the case, then I wouldn't be sitting here right now with all of you beautiful people, attempting to create a global movement to protect more than just myself. This way we all have a chance to be exempt from the kind of horrific pain narcissists and sociopaths inflict, because we all will simply know better. If we can teach a child not to touch a hot stove because they will get a painful burn, then we can teach a teen/adult not to touch a zero empathy personality. It's no different."

There are two groups of people Ravynn works with in terms of narcissistic & antisocial abuse:

Either you're looking to educate & protect yourself so you can live a predominantly peaceful & abuse-free life, or you've experienced abuse and you want to heal from the trauma and make sure it never happens again.

Ravynn is in the middle of creating multiple online courses that are for everyone. They can be used as an educational tool for prevention or as an addition to one of her Certified Platinum Coaching packages or they can be used independently, on their own. Her coaching programs include her very specific formula that guarantees a life transformation, one that she created based on her own experience of recovering from a lifetime of familial narcissistic abuse and multiple years of psychopathic abuse.


"I am confident that together, we can bring you back from any form of abuse or domestic violence. I know firsthand, the pain you're in; I know how lonely it can get. I know that grief can make you do crazy things. I know the cycle of abuse that makes you hate yourself even more; what self-destruction feels like, and I know what it's like to lose everything. I know how scary it is when your life is threatened; I know how deep addiction can go. I have been in your shoes, but I have spent twice as long helping people out of rock bottom. All I ask is that you give me 100% and grow to trust me." 

If you link up with Ravynn for coaching, you will experience a cathartic purge of dysfunctional thinking and patterned behaviors that do not serve you, which will change your life forever, teaching you to use a new set of tools that will enable you to transform your life into whatever your deepest desires or wildest dreams are, because eventually, you will hold the secrets to protecting your mind, your heart, & your life.

"You don't just hold the key, you are the key.

I just teach you how to unlock the door & walk through it."


Whenever you're ready. ❣️

A Little About Ravynn
Ravynn Rohner
When The Student Is Ready, The Teacher Will Appear
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