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So like I've said about 20 times already on this site, 4 BILLION lives have been harmed or destroyed by Narcissists, Sociopaths, and Psychopaths. I call them the “Zero Empathy Personalities” because these predators, first and foremost, have absolutely no compassion for others or remorse for the torture they put their victims through; but they also lack a moral compass; they have no code of morale, and no interest in anyone but themselves. They are insightful people watchers, Academy Award winning actors with unlimited reservoirs of crocodile tears; they can smell The Broken a mile away and can tell if you have a poor self image simply by the way you carry yourself as you cross a room or dart your eyes away when they look at you. Many have gotten their training in prisons; the older they are, the more advanced their techniques in deceiving are, and they have evolved lines of questioning that are carefully scaled to find the perfect prey to manipulate, abuse, use, and discard when they see fit. They look for girls with no father figures or brothers; boys or girls with single mothers; runaways, kids who hate their parents and just want to get out, and certainly anyone naïve to life in general, who are far too trusting because they don’t know any better, not because it’s their fault, but because society has failed them, because for decades, no one has been talking about the right things. We got warned about razor blades in Halloween candy, not to talk to strangers, and sex before marriage is a sin, but not a word about how an underestimated 11% of the population has a mental illness, a personality disorder, that prevents them from caring about others so they inflict the most twisted games of psychological violence and sexual abuse on their victims, to manipulate the things they want out of them, until the poor things crack or the sociopath gets bored and moves on. It’s like:


If you take 11% of the global population, which is the percentage of people diagnosed with a no-empathy mental disorder (think how many aren’t diagnosed) & again, underestimate, that they each hurt just 5 people in their lifetime, that’s what equals 4 Billion people: it comes in at 3.9 billion victims.

Allow me to me introduce myself:

My name is Ravynn RohnerI’m a native Denver, Coloradoan, although I bounced around the country like pinball for a lengthy portion of my middle years. I’ve moved about 50 times, & I’m about to move again in a couple months for lucky move #51; I’ve lived in 9 US states and in around 30 US cities. This gypsy-at-heart lifestyle has given me a unique opportunity to be in front of all sorts of different people with different demographics with different generational beliefs instilled in them, and while I know these narcs and socios intently people-watch, studying our behavior and how we express our emotions so that they can mimic us to appear “normal”— but you what?


You must be thinking by now,“So who is this woman barking all of these crazy statistics at me?!”

Now  so do I, & I think it's time to level the playing field.

I would like to share one of my quotes with you, please, regarding my 3 year experience with a sadistic, narcissistic psychopath:

“I was 37 years old; I had been a domestic violence advocator for over 20 years. I supported anti-abuse campaigns, for both women AND men; I knew what abuse looked like; I knew the red flags. And I STILL got got, by a highly skilled psychopathic predator who was groomed in childhood, the streets, and then for 7 years in a federal prison. I ended up being a “worthy opponent”, he had no idea who he was messing with: but at the same time, I had NO idea who I was messing with. If I knew what I was getting myself into, I would have run the other way. The damage was catastrophic, and took me three YEARS to undo the mental and emotional damage, and some of  the scarring will NEVER go away. I will NEVER completely stop wondering if you’re lying to me. I will NEVER stop wondering if someone is really where they say they are. And I’ll NEVER forget the sound of my guttural sobs in grief and how they felt coming out of me, when I learned my fiancé was a serial cheater & a pathological liar. From that day on, I accepted the challenge to put this man in his place, make him never forget my name. And I assure you, he won’t, but there came a point when I had to draw the line. My life had been threatened for months, and for months I laid in bed every night with a rifle, rarely sleeping....just listening. It was a scary time in my life, but when the threats started to include my son, I packed it up. I'm lucky to be alive. Now, remember: When I met this guy, I was already a highly trained “soldier”. I was very intelligent; I had decades of training in abuse and survival skills under my belt, and I only barely got out with my life. What kind of chance does a little 20 year old have, running around on a college campus, with bright eyes and shiny hair, little mini skirts & cherry lip gloss? Or some newly graduated-with-honors guy, starting out in a huge corporate firm where they eat guys like him for lunch? Or think about a middle aged man or woman, starting over again after divorce, entering the dating world for the first time in thirty years, and when some hot 30 year old shows interest in them, they’re never going to see it coming. These predators are ruthless, and they’ll run off with your money, your savings, your house, and that’s just the material stuff. They’ll destroy your relationship with your kids and call it a Tuesday night. They’ll issue smear campaigns, which is when they ruin your reputation in a group of your professional peers or their lies will ruin you and your family relationships forever. They can even get you in trouble with the law, plant things in your house just to humiliate you and get your kids taken away. I cannot tell you how many millions, wait, BILLIONS, of stories there are, just like this. Yet, never, in 100 years, has anyone stepped up to warn each other. How have we been so careless?"

You know what it's like? Have you ever seen those pictures of the sharks off the Florida coast, you know the ones you're not aware of when you're swimming in the water?! I used to wade in the deep sea for HOURS, I had NO idea how many sharks were swimming under me! That absolutely terrifies me! And that's what it's like out there, for all of us good, kind hearted people, being circled by predatory sharks, except they're not sharks, they're narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths. And they are kicking our ass. For visual purposes, here you go:


Can you imagine walking into the ocean and having that waiting for you? How would you feel the moment you realized you had been splashing, playing around in the nice, cool water, just feet away from your most imminent death? How would you feel if your best friend or daughter or nephew had been playing in the water, under your supervision, until one of the sharks made its way over and carried him off to sea? And how much worse would you feel if later that day, you began seeing signs all over the beach that said, “Caution: Sharks Unusually Close To Shore This Time Of Year”. And you’d been warned?


That’s a horrible thought, but isn’t that what we’ve been doing for centuries? And I have good news now, I love this part, because it is a rare opportunity to have someone offer you a TIME MACHINE.


You know when something bad happens, and we replay our actions over and over saying,"Why did I have to _____?! If only I had just _____, none of this would've happened!”


And wouldn't it be great if for once, you actually got that warning before all that car accident, before that bad break up, before getting sick? Well, my friend, this is that moment.

I suppose that makes me the surrogate of your Future Self, gifting you the impossible: a real chance to save you future and the future of your loved ones. Amazing! You're getting an actual chance to rewrite your story.

Please don't throw this incredible opportunity away. You know, my sister, who married two narcissists and was raised by a narcissistic pastor, has spent a quarter of a million dollars on therapy and medications? She literally counted it up from over the years. That. Is. Shocking.

$250,000   on therapy & meds

$100,000    on weddings

$300,000    on a big house

Tens of thousands on children, eventually their therapy, and who knows how many tens of thousands on the narcs themselves.

       834+ weeks

    6,000+ days

140,000+ hours

Time is something you can never get back.

Emotional scars never go away.

Trust takes years to get back.

PTSD will always be a part of my life.

You do NOT want this life for yourself or your loved ones: I am throwing you a life raft.

My friends, these predators have had long enough to do what they like. I have had it with their games, their amusement at our grief & demise, and I am proud to be the first human being to care so much for my fellow human beings, that I’m investing all of my time, all of my energy, into changing the future for myself, my son, my sister, and all of you.

I know how much courage it takes to walk away. It’s a lot of careful planning; it’s a lot of scary realizations that you have made a mistake. The longer you stay in a bad relationship, even if it’s just abusive but not necessarily with a narcissist or sociopath, it’s like taking a walk into the woods: the longer you walk in, the longer the walk out, back home, is going to be.

I coined this quote,

"It's far easier to raise strong children than fix broken men."

Well, there’s no use in crying over spilt champagne. What I can tell you, is that I had a realization not too long ago, that I haven’t had just a tragic 40+ years on this planet. What I realize now, is that I’ve been doing research all of these years! I have been through childhood divorce, being raised by a cruel & dishonorable narcissistic pastor who took sexual indecencies with my sister and I; forced us to rub his back and his feet while my mother made us, well into our teens; there was my mother who was a controlling, power-hungry woman who couldn’t of cared less about her daughters from her first marriage. After a miserable childhood, I began adulthood with abusive relationship after abusive relationship; drug addiction, alcoholism, sexual assault, rape, being robbed at gunpoint, divorce, sexual kink communities and BDSM, 3 years with a psychopath, numerous relationships with narcissists; I was chased through a house for HOURS, with a blacked out drunk ex with a pitchfork, threatening to murder me; a grandmother who made me believe I was a loser who hadn’t accomplished anything; parents who lied to me for 43 years; a brother who betrayed me and lied to me; abandonment so many times I’ve lost count; once the house I was staying in overnight in Salt Lake City got bombed by the Crips with Molotov cocktails, while my dog was in the backyard alone— (the only thing that saved our lives was that the bottle that was supposed to come in through the living room window, which would’ve landed on me and the children, the gauze got stuck on a pink rose bush, pulling out the gauze and removing combustion from the bottle); I’ve had one abortion; 2 DUI’s; after leaving one narcissist, I found out I was pregnant and have raised a son for 17 years on my own; my grandmother’s lies cost me 10 years with my sister; ok, ok, really, I think that’s enough. I think you get the point.

I don’t tell you all of these things for sympathy— I don’t need the violinist making another appearance. 🤣 I tell you these things to show you the kinds of experiences I have had to find my way back home from. I had a joke about being at rock bottom so many times, I bought a condo down there. As years progressed, it became a condo and pool. Then it was a condo, pool, and a yacht. I’m proud to say that I’ve sold my property and boat, and haven’t been back since. =)  I have had to navigate my way back to health, back to balance, back to happiness so many times, and I finally know the quickest and least painful ways to do it.


I believe the only way we’re going to fix the global mental health pandemic we’re in, is by pushing aggressive prevention strategies. We’ve got to get to the kids before they’re ruined their lives. It’s too late for me. It’s too late for my sister.

Our pasts are riddled with tragedy, pain, and so much suffering, it’s crushing to really hear about. If only someone had given me these courses when I was 16 or 18 or 21 or hell, 31!


(I know, right?)

That’s what is so amazing about the courses I've created for you all: you’re literally getting 43 years of some of the most brutal lessons turned into life hacks,

short cuts, and go arounds. You’re getting priceless, inside info that’s going to help you go around so many disasters, that I hate to say, so many others are going to have to learn the hard way: by hands on experience. 😢You are getting a monstrous cheatsheet, a multivolume Cliff’s Notes, a total jet engined shortcut to creating order, bringing in more joy, learning how to manifest the things you want and deserve in your life, the quickest way possible!

cliffsnotes 2.jpg

What these courses do, is teach you how to take back your power because I know the LAST thing you want is some narc being in control of your life. So the very first thing we do is get your MIND back and in the right place. Mindset is EVERYTHING. Do you know they say success is measured   

  • 80% mindset 

  • 20%  strategy

Isn't that incredible? How well you succeed in something, relies heavily on . The best laid plans can fail if someone's head isn't in the game or if they're overcome with doubt, fear, or in this case, anger. 

Then with a mix of self quizzes to make sure you're getting the right support, my eBook (more below), some coaching workshops, LIVE coaching will be available to those who are interested, access to a private Facebook page, called The World Consulate, which is a brand new, unique Page geared for people who have left a narcissistic or antisocial relationship and are in need of support. It is not going to be a typical site for people to come on and just complain, yet they never do anything to fix their problems, like leave. While we love those people, too, you guys already have multiple platforms going, so I want to provide a space for those who have done the hardest thing in their life: go NO CONTACT.

So have a look around: I'm always adding and moving things around on this website, trying to make it as interactive and up to date as possible. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I'll be putting the online chat box back up soon, when I'm done with most of the editing. Thank you and WELCOME, again!


Take a sneak peek into 2022's Best New Book for learning all my best kept secrets for TAKING BACK YOUR POWER from any narcissist or sociopath! Get a blueprint for immediate healing strategies, setting boundaries, catching cheaters, and how to become a human lie detector!  Get your copy TODAY!

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